A Love Song And A Drum Machine

by Paul Gonzenbach

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Jon Salisbury
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Jon Salisbury I've long had a oft sot for Gonzenbach's work. Poignant lyrics and great melodies. Favorite track: Go Ahead.
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A Love Song And A Drum Machine is a compilation of covers, outtakes, alternate versions and demos. It was originally only available as a bonus disc with the purchase of the vinyl of Avalanche Kiss.


released October 15, 2008

Josiah Feinberg plays drums on tracks 2, 3 and 9.
Joshua Baumgardner sings on track 8.
Ariana Storm sings on track 9.

This is the fifth release from Unspeakable Records.


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Paul Gonzenbach Seattle, Washington

lovers weekend records, ex-jim yoshii pile-up

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Track Name: Just Smile And Play Along (version)
So sew it up and note the time. The loose ends meet, the couplets rhyme. A stack of applications on your nightstand. Not exactly as you planned.

I know that look upon your face, the mirror in your eye. I know you lie awake at night and feel his breath on you and wonder why.

You wake up to the news at noon. Or you wake up to the afternoon chat shows. The degree hangs on the wall of the apartment that’s to small to hold the couch you hauled all the way from Pittsburgh and then left on the curb.

Now your friends don’t bother calling you. That moment they would have to talk to him to get to you is more, so much more than they can stand.
You wake up to the news at noon. Or you wake up to the afternoon chat shows. You brother said he’d visit you. Your cousin said she meant to. You’re hoping they will do the work and you can just smile and play along.
Track Name: Go Ahead
When your worthy words get worthless, become too complex to mean anything, and when your nimble tongue gets twisted, unwittingly wicked, and when your winning smiles fail, your fingers flail, with your oiseaux de guerre, we'll be made aware. We'll be made aware.

One year from here, or maybe nine, you will come to me crying but never mind that now. You've got a death drive and a 4/4 beat, so try it. Oh, it's new because it's you. And who am I, oh who am I?

Brother, why in the heat of July do you wear your long sleeves? It never leaves you if you never let it go. You've got more than enough, but why are you compelled to share?

One year from here, or maybe nine, you will come to me crying but never mind that now. You've got a death drive and a 4/4 beat, so try it. Tomorrow starts here as you finish your beer, so how can I say no? You've got a love song and a drum machine, so go ahead. Oh, it's new because it's you. And after all, who am I? Oh, who am I?
Track Name: A Busy Street In The Rain
Flatly, in the muted light of rain I walk through the gutters. And always underneath a wet wool coat, I wear my destination.

It sounds like a simplification but it grows like cancer in me. And I've chased you down that alley before, and I know now that it doesn't go anywhere. Ooo, it doesn't lead anywhere. I never learn I never learn I never learn.

"You're not telling anymore," he says. "You're not telling if you ever were," he says. "You're not listening." Well, I guess you're right.
Track Name: My Baby's Bored
My baby's bored.

He looks at me and shakes his head. And pictures someone else instead. And slowly says, "I'm going to bed." It makes me wish... He does the best he can, I guess. The little things we can't afford. Somehow it means a little less because my baby's bored.

My baby's bored.
Track Name: The Family Plot
I am the undertow. I am the dusk. I am the basement rat. I am the anesthetist. I am the hunter's game. I am the family plot. I am the parole. I am the groom.

I am the heart of hell.
Track Name: Costume (demo)
You don't act like you have ever seen a phone. You don't act like you want to make it home. You don't want to make the best of an awful situation, put a nasty reputation to rest. You live up to our lowest expectations, justify your lover's reservation, put our concern for you to test.

You told her that you loved her just to see how it would feel like trying on a uniform, but your voice gave you away. Every ugly every vicious work, you earned. You deserved every word.
Track Name: Sing For Yourself (demo)
The back seat cradled you like a sick bed, like your parent's foldout, like any other in the series of couches you stayed on that autumn. And I turned around the wrong way in the passengers seat when you when you when you..

You sang to yourself even though I was there. You never asked me; I never told you, but you knew. You want to cling to "maybe." Still, when he says "might be," it means "will." And once he's gone, baby, he's gone.

We scraped the tire against the curb and watched the sun rise over the suburbs. We weren't fooling anyone. You said, "No Mom, I don't want a window." You weren't fooling anyone.

You sang to yourself. You sing for yourself. You never asked me. I wouldn't have told you if you had. And I can still see your frozen breath in the air as you mount your stairs under the cold November light. Then I'm gone.
Track Name: Untitled (Pearly) (version)
I've been thinking about you. You've been thinking about yourself. I read a poem written by a fly on a windowsill. It said: Each day is another chance. It said: Each new day is another chance.

You've been thinking about yourself. I've been dreaming about it every night. And I have fewer words that cover you. And I have newer ways to envy you. Trust is a title. Faith is a word in a song. I want your heart to ache. I want your heart to break open.

Ah, ah! Maybe you know you're being lied to. Ah, ah! Maybe you think you know how it ends. Ah, ah! Maybe your checking account will not be overdrawn. Ah, ah! Maybe this will be enough. Maybe this will be enough...

Dawn at a public park. Someone you don't know leans into you. You're only young once. You're only young once for a very, very long time.
Track Name: Your Comic Timing (version)
A tangle, a hopeless know of twigs and bows, it winds and tightens through claws of crows, through all acquaintances yours and mine. Your comic timing is flawless.

Another botched attempt. Your friends all snicker, as we weave and dodge the lightning bolts. She said, "The wine is slow. The pills are quicker." A standing reservation at the clinic.
Track Name: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine (demo)
The evening light is gone. I turn on a sad, sad song. You left me waiting and I left you exasperated. I can't figure out where we went wrong.

Sometimes the phone rings; I think it's you. And I'm not exactly sure what to do. You hang up on the answering machine. I watch the phone's lights blink at me. I guess it's wasted effort.

This apartment's got me down. Your cat's hair still mats the ground. The bathroom still smells like hairspray. Do you know someone who needs a roommate? Maybe you could ask around.

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