Avalanche Kiss

by Paul Gonzenbach

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released October 15, 2008

“Avalanche Kiss” was written and performed by Paul Gonzenbach with the following exceptions:
“Quel age a-t-il?” was written with Josiah Feinberg and Shana Applewhite. “I Seldom Do” was written with the Jim Yoshii Pile-Upxoxo
Josiah played drums on “Pearly” and “Quel age a-t-il?” Stuart Hake played cello on tracks 1, 3, 5, 8. 9. 10. and 11.

Mastered by the wonderful and helpful Carl Saff. Vinyl lacquers were made by Paul Gold.
© MMVIII Unenforceable Music. This is the fourth release by Unspeakable Records. www.unspeakablerecords.org


all rights reserved



Paul Gonzenbach Seattle, Washington

lovers weekend records, ex-jim yoshii pile-up

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Track Name: Cartoon Violence
Brained, a luckless guy
Kind but out of time
Why would they try?
Son, I do not like
The look that’s in your eye.
Why won’t they die?
It all smacks me of cartoon violence
Three words were all it took you:
Bring it on!
Track Name: Untitled (Pearly)
I’ve been thinking about you
You’ve been thinking about yourself
I read a poem written by
A fly on a windowsill
It said:
“Each day is another chance.
Each new day is another chance.”

You’ve been thinking about yourself
I’ve been dreaming about it every night.

I am missing words that cover you.
I have newer ways to envy you.
Trust is a title
Faith is a word in a song
I want your heart to ache
I want your heart to break open

Ah, ah! Maybe you know you’re being lied to
Ah, ah! Maybe you think you know how it ends
Ah, ah! Maybe your checking account will not be overdrawn
Ah, ah! Maybe this will be enough!
Maybe this will be enough…

Dawn at a public park
Someone you don’t know leans into you
You’re only young once
You’re only young once for a very, very long time.
Track Name: Quel age a-t-il?
You met a man last night
You got into his car
In the grey morning light
You wake up and you don’t know where you are

A message at the tone
From Caroline back home
Her third call this week
Press 7 to delete

A message from your boss
At your minimum-wage job,
“If you call in sick again
Don’t ever bother coming back in.”

Do you think that we don’t know
Where all your money goes?
Oh! Do you really think that we don’t know?

You took a room by yourself
Your friends talk about your health
About your noise, about your brain
Between your toes, about your veins

And when they ask about your dad
Do you tell them where he’s at?
How he got there, what he’s done,
How he’s not the only one?

All the questions that you dodge
All the borrowed stuff you lost
The merchandise you palm
The midnight calls to mom

Until you decide
It’s done once for all
We’ve done what we can
We wait for the call.
Track Name: Dead Men (Epoxy)
You dreamt a baby carriage
And a baby that didn’t live
It looked like a black and ruffly octopus
In a coffin

You broke a window
You placed the shards inside my heart
So I could be free

You’re free like a life raft cut adrift
You’re free like an actor with no script

You did some things with him you didn’t quite expect to
You didn’t quite agree to
There is one thing you regret
A bloody clot, a pamphlet
The doctor made sure you were comfortable and free

You’re free like a life raft cut adrift
You’re free like a play without a script
One hundred days left on your lease
One hundred ways to find your peace
When I will finally summon you back to me

County jail, empty threats
County jail wasn’t kind
You called them all away
Track Name: Sing For Yourself
The back seat cradled you like a sick bed
Like your parents’ foldout
Like any other in the series of couches
You stayed on that autumn
And I turned around the wrong way
In the passengers seat
When you when you when you

You sang to yourself even though I was there
You never asked me
I never told you but you knewYou want to cling to “maybe”
Still, when he says “might be” it means “will”
And once he’s gone, baby, he’s gone

We scraped the tire against the curb
And watched the sun rise over the suburbs
We weren’t fooling anyone
You said, “No Mom, I don’t want a window”
You weren’t fooling anyone

You sang to yourself
You sing for yourself
You never asked me
I wouldn’t have told you if you had
And I can still see your frozen breath
In the air as you mount your stairs
Under the cold November light
And I’m gone
Track Name: Your Comic Timing
A tangle
A hopeless knot of twigs and bows
It winds and tightens
Through claws of crows
Though all acquaintances, yours and mine
Your comic timing is flawless

Another botched attempt
Your friends all snicker
As we weave and dodge the lightning bolts
She said, “The wine is slow.
The pills are quicker.”
A standing reservation at the clinic

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