Slow Fire Vol. 2

by Paul Gonzenbach

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Part two of the four-part album Slow Fire.


released May 20, 2016

Written, performed, recorded, and mastered by Paul Gonzenbach with the following exceptions:
Eric Junge plays drums on "Your Heart, Your Love" and "The Vigor Of Youth."
Stuart Hake plays cello on "Sing The End" and "The Vigor Of Youth."

Thank you Neal, Jonathan, Josiah, and Shana.


all rights reserved



Paul Gonzenbach Seattle, Washington

lovers weekend records, ex-jim yoshii pile-up

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Track Name: Your Heart, Your Love
Delete your poems. Oh, it's an easy way to not believe. Erase your drawings. Man, it's a final way you can receive some time, some light.

Forget all your songs. Could it be comfortable perfectly blank? Find your worth in something else, in something old and simple: your heart, your love.

Delete your poems. Erase your drawings. Forget all your songs. Cut up your clothes. Tell off your boss. Break up with your lovers. Crash your car. Find your worth in your heart, your love.
Track Name: Sing The End
Like every motion, like every honest day, across the ocean, I knew you couldn't stay. Strip off your bloodstained clothes and throw them in the trash. Ten minutes longer. Might be the first time that I've felt this way. Might be last time. Ignore what I say. And when the words won't come, when you can't relax, they like you when you're stronger.

Smallness, yours and mine. Insignificance and how we spend our time trying to forget, trying not to know: that everything must go. It's like the last way I expected it, just like a new hire who up and quits. If we've got the time, if the stars align. Give me one more day here.

So let me, let me in, let me in, and let me sing the end of all we've had. With every nerve on high alert and all the switches burnt. So keep me, keep me from, keep me away from all your clever friends and all their words that sting the eyes and fray the mind. It's always right on time. So let me, let me in, let me in, and let me sing the end of all we've had to sing about.
Track Name: The Vigor Of Youth
The floorboards creaking under your feet. The conversation dims. Go back to sleep. I can't remember when you were this sweet. No one's watching us, and no one can compete.

I set my watch by them now. It's the same old lines I say every time, ok? And your response goes like this: watch the rain from the window sill, and when did you take the pills? It's time I renewed my request: take the short cut home. All the years we've roamed. It's not easy to forget I'm the same inside as the day you cast aside all the plans we made together. Take a breath for me because I just can't see how it all fits together. It's a long way home. It's a long way home.
Track Name: Midnight
A couple shots, a needle and thread, some gauze, a little blood. At least you're upright. At least you're not dead. Hold on for the flood. My smile lands with a thud. I'm tired of going to parties where I know no one and smiling as I listen while strangers tell stories and laugh and hit their home runs. Teach me a lesson. The easiest expression. And so it's hours like this that I wonder what we're doing. How did it wither so fast? This house makes us undone. Just look at what we've won. And so another midnight clamped onto your chest. A midnight just like billions of midnights before it and billions that are yet to come. So many we've become numb to them.

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